An Evaluation Team Report is a document explaining the results of the assessments your child completed with the school psychologist. An ETR is completed and a meeting is scheduled every three years to determine eligibility for special education services. Understanding these assessment results and how the ETR impacts your child's educational path is crucial. 


An Individualized Educational Plan is completed once a year and determines what specialized services will be implemented for your child. Prior to every IEP meeting, the district is required to send you a draft of the IEP to be discussed and revised at the meeting. You need to feel confident and prepared prior to attending this meeting in order to make the changes you see necessary.



Other documents are sent home throughout the year including report cards, progress reports (which show current data of your child's IEP goals) and various state or district assessment results.  If you would like help understanding these documents, I would be happy to offer advice and clarity.  


Send me your child’s ETR, IEP, Progress Reports, assessments or other educational records. A record review consists of written feedback and a one hour follow up conversation.